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Urban Dictionary defines Bass Face as:

Facial contortions of a bass player involving mouth twisting to the groove, chin dropping impossibly low, brow furrowing, a seemingly blank stare and a general unawareness of the condition. Also often accompanies Egyptian-style head gyrations.

On average one in ten pictures of bass players feature hilarious facial gymnastics. An explosion of technology is allowing us to capture more images than at any time in our history. This has led to a new epidemic that is threatening to turn something what was once a thriving ecosystem of inside jokes between musicians into a boring cliche. Here at we don't think that is anything to laugh about. So in order to save the curled lips, and bulging eyeballs we love so well we must destroy some of it.

 You may be asking "Why destroy Bass Face when clearly it's the technology that's the problem?" Well, you must be a bass player because that was a very intelligent question, but ripping peoples cameras, Go'sPro, smart phones, dumb phones, smart watches, smart glasses, smart cars, iTies, SLR's, DSLR's etc out of their hand and smashing it in front of them would get you arrested. Do not do that. Instead we have set out to find a cure for the condition itself. With your help we can defeat this beautiful convergence of force, face, and frequency.



More to come. If you have pictures of this horrible disease you'd like to share please contact us.

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“It's not the bass you have to face, it's the bassface”

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